5 Beauty Tips For a Winter Glow

Rose water — Not only does it smell amazing but it makes a great toner due to its anti-inflammatory, redness reducing properties. And when mixed with jojoba oil and some coconut water, makes a great ingredient for a refreshing DIY facial spray. 

Jojoba oil — A little goes a long way! Rich in Vitamin E and the healing properties of iodine, I use this winter wonder as a moisturizer for my face & body as well as scalp massages.

Rose hip oil — My AM and PM serum of choice, this rich oil gives dull skin a glow during even the chilliest months. I store mine in the fridge so it's super refreshing when I apply it after cleansing. The list of benefits is long — vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids work together to give winter skin the hydration it craves while reducing fine lines and scars.

Grapefruit extract — I keep a bottle in my purse and at my office when I want a quick "lift" as it's known to boost your mood and ward off cravings. 

Coconut oil — Whether it's soothing split ends or sealing in moisture after a shower, I always have it on hand in my bathroom cabinet. Full of antibacterial properties, it's a great option for sensitive skin and can be used almost anywhere (yes, anywhere).  Want the smoothest feet ever? Mix 2T of coconut oil with a few drops of your essential oil of choice (lavender and tangerine are lovely choices) and massage into feet then slip on socks and wake up to baby feet! 

If you want to know which brands I prefer for each of these products, just leave me a note in comments below! 

Brooke RymerComment