Easy At-Home Exfoliator

I've discovered the best exfoliator and the best part is you can do it right from home using ingredients you have on hand. All you need is your regular cleanser plus a few teaspoons of baking soda. I would highly recommend a cream-based cleanser for this (I use Lira), not gel ones with salicylic or glycolic acid. The baking soda will help to form a gritty, yet gentle paste you can then softly massage into your face (and don't forget your neck!) for 15-30 seconds (or leave on for up to 1 minute) then rinse away with warm water.

Pat skin dry and continue with your nighttime routine. For me, it's a combination of rose hip and jojoba oil during these chilly winter months. Give it try — you'll go to bed glowing!

I've used this exfoliation method for the past month now and have loved the results! Let me know if it works for you too :-) 

A note: I recommend testing your baking soda mixture on a small spot on your face first to ensure you don't react too much. Baking soda can be drying and may irritate some skin types more than others.