My 5 Favorite Uses For Coconut Oil

1. Cooking

 Here's the brand I like for cooking -  get it here

Here's the brand I like for cooking - get it here

A little goes a long way in the kitchen! Coconut oils cooks well in all pans and is ideal for stir frying vegetables, eggs and works great as an alternative to coating veggies before you roast them in the oven. It's also a delicious alternative to butter on a cooked sweet potato. Bonus, coconut oil has a higher smoker-point, which makes it healthier for high heat cooking (versus other oils like canola and yes, even olive oil). Instead, I keep a good quality olive oil on hand for non-heat uses like homemade salad dressing or for drizzling over fresh tomatoes and basil. 

2. Coffee

I typically like my coffee black but when I want something a little more indulgent, a teaspoon or two of coconut oil gives coffee the creamiest texture. It's amazing how much you won't miss dairy-based coffee creamers once you swap it out for coconut oil! Cinnamon & almond extract are other favorite add-ins to my morning brew. 

2. Removing makeup

I've used coconut oil to remove my eye makeup for several years now. I only wear mascara on my eyes and it not only does the trick, I'm convinced it leaves my eye area looking and feeling smoother. In fact, it gives it a dewey glow — and what girl doesn't want that? I know friends and bloggers I follow that use it to take off all of their makeup but I use a gentle cleanser for the rest of my face. I keep a small amount on hand in a glass jar and use cotton pads to swipe out a small amount at night and volia, makeup-free eyes for bed! I save the real jar in my food cabinet for cooking and coffee. 

4. Skin

I'm not a perfume wearer but I like to smell good :) Coconut oil mixes great with essential oils like grapefruit to keep your skin feeling and smelling great all year long! I've experimented with making my own deodorants and have found coconut oil makes a great base. Variations of coconut oil + shea butter + baking soda + essential oils (tangerine is my fav!) seem to do the trick to keep me smelling good all day long. There are endless recipes online but I like this simple one from Experience Life as a start. And when you're really short on time, just grab a little bit of coconut oil and swipe a bit under your arms. It also makes a great simple moisturizing when you hop out of the shower to lock in moisture. Under your arms or on your body, you'll be smelling amazing even on hot summer days!

5. Hair

I find that a small amount of coconut adds all-day shine to my locks. It's especially fun to do when somewhere warm (or in the dead of winter), because you'll always smell like vacation. I recommend avoiding roots when doing this. Just start half way down and work towards ends. And remember, you can always add more! You can also let it sit on your hair for a few hours or overnight and rinse out in the morning for the benefits of a rich mask if your hair is really dry. 

How do you like to use coconut oil? Let me know by commenting below!