Healthy Winter Skin

Upon waking, before bed, or in between meetings, these quick tips allow you to extend and bask in your summer glow any time of the day — or year. From showing you how to make your own hydrating rose facial spray to my favorite uses for coconut oil, you can get my top 3 tips for glowing winter skin in the Self Healing piece of Treefort Magazine Issue III out now (pg.52). You can also check out a preview below!  


Heal your skin from the signs of summer with a gentle exfoliator. We all know the best beauty looks start with a good foundation. Opt for a richer base like Greek yogurt over water to reap the benefits of lactic acid to dissolve dead skin cells. Adding a dollop of honey (raw or Manuka) to your masks offers antibacterial properties and adds a rich less your skin craves during chilly months.


A diet of healthy foods and lots of water can do wonders for the skin — beauty from the inside, out! When you need a hydrating beauty to-go, a simple rose water face mist keeps skin hydrated on even the busiest of days. Make your own spray using a mix of purified & coconut water, rose water and jojoba oil or mix a favorite face-friendly essential oil into one you already have to personalize your own pick-me-up. Rose water offers antioxidant protection while coconut water hydrates and replenishes winter skin. And jojoba oil is incredibly moisturizing & soothing without causing breakouts. 


Lastly, highlight what you’ve got! A vitamin C serum is a daily must to keep skin glowing. Split ends, rough feet? Make coconut oil your best friend this winter from your head to your toes. This all-natural wonder if truly perfect for all your winter woes! Whipping up your own hair mask or overnight foot treatment is as easy as mixing coconut oil with an uplifting essential oil like grapefruit. 

How do you keep your skin healthy during winter months? I'd love to hear from you in comments below! xo


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