5 tips for staying healthy while traveling

Who doesn't love the feeling of being home? But I know I certainly long for regular trips that take me away in both mind and body, especially places that allow me to be outside for long periods of time. I know how difficult it can be though to be away from the comforts of your routine: making your own food, hitting up your normal fitness class, your nightly beauty routine.... In all my adventures, here are some of the best and most simple ways I've found to stay on track while I'm traveling, so I feel energized and not empty when I come back home. Because that feeling of coming home is so much sweeter when you return feeling refreshed. 

1. Clock your zzz's. Traveling often involves a little more fun which means later nights, and that's okay! But it's also not good to come home and have to totally makeup for insufficient rest. In fact, clocking enough zzz's has been linked to so many great benefits including maintaining a healthy weight, clear skin and overall energy levels. So still aim for 7-8 hours a night while traveling so your body maintains a healthy balance even from far away. You'll be a much happier you back home. 

2. Talk the long way. Opt for moving whenever you can. I love trips where walking, running, or hiking is highly accessible. And even when it's not, make it a point to do it. Do you really need to drive to dinner or can you walk over with a group of friends? I'm always surprised by how many miles I log when I'm in places like Seattle or New York. And often find I look and feel great when I return home, even if I pass on more intense workouts for a few days. 

3. Pack some comforts from home. Whether you're gone for a few days or weeks, take your top healthy items with you. Maybe it's a supplement or two, almond butter packets, tea, coconut oil — those healthy living "musts" should be able to come along for the ride with you and will keep you feeling on track because they are what your body & mind are used to. 

4. Drink plenty of water. Airplane rides and travel in general dehydrates you so be sure to snag water wherever you can. I feel like many of us make a latte a priority over water but it should be the opposite or at the very least, fill up on water when you fill up on caffeine. One other simple way to get your daily H20 intakes is start & end the day with it. Head to the kitchen or hotel bathroom and drink a big glass first thing in the morning and have another glass before bed. Most of us reach for caffeine upon rising but starting the day with water hydrates your body after a night of sleep and is known to fire up your metabolism for the day!

5. Go local. Opt for local goodies whenever you can. Eating local foods means they're fresh and didn't travel too far to get on your plate. It's often the best tasting food too when traveling! Whenever I'm back in LA, I love to zoom up to Malibu and walk the pier out to Malibu Farm, a farm-to-table restaurant with some of the best views along the Pacific Coast Highway. This dreamy breakfast bowl was a creamy quinoa porridge cooked in coconut milk topped with fresh berries with a side of the best tasting orange juice I've ever had. I also love swinging by a local farmer's market and picking up some items for making dinner in with friends! Swapping in a home-cooked meal or two during your trip creates great memories and offers you more control of what ends up on your plate. Making brunch for your friend you're staying with is also a great way to say thank-you. And — when you eat local, you're supporting both your system and the community you're visiting too. 

How do you stay healthy while traveling? Let me know in comments below! xo


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