The Benefits of Adding Heat To Your Plate

Homemade and full of flavor, Isabel Street Heat hot sauces are locally-made gems of the Midwest that add a ton of healthy flavor to many of my meals! Yes, they taste great but hot sauces offer great healthy benefits too! Co-founder of Isabel Street Heat Leslie Stoy shares below. 

Brooke: Your hot sauces are easily to love but why do you think we should we add heat to our lives?

Leslie: “Heat” could mean excitement or enhancement, and we all need more of that! We’re not out to make hot sauces that are just selling units; we are about flavor. We take the peppers at their ripest and purée them and cover them in a layer of salt and let it sit for a couple months until the pH drops to an appropriate level. The salt cap is then removed and the mash is turned into hot sauce. This process of fermenting changes the flavor of the peppers. It allows you some time to taste them before the heat builds (or “blooms,” as my husband and cofounder, Tony, likes to say).  We do not want our sauces to eclipse the flavor of whatever is being eaten, but rather enhance! Also, spicy foods increase your metabolism, clear your sinuses, make you sweat, and can even give you an endorphin rush

A few of my favorite ways to enjoy hot sauce...

  • Eggs (cooked any way) 
  • Stir fry
  • Salad with hot sauce as the dressing (mix with oil, mustard or other things too)
  • Drizzle on soup or half an avocado with sea salt - yum! 
  • I also reach for hot sauce over ketchup when I’m out to brunch with friends. It adds great flavor without the added sugar. 

Visit to order their hot sauces online or to find a hot sauce on a shelf near you.

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