The Two Products I'm Loving This Fall

With cooler weather here, skin can show signs of dryness fast! I swear by two natural skin savers—one for my face and the other for my body. 

Argan Oil (face) — This rich upgrade to my summer go-to, rose hip oil, deeply nourishes skin and provides all day moisture. I apply it both morning and night to a clean, cleansed face. While it is richer than other oils, it absorbs into skin quickly so won't leave you feeling overly oily. It's so good for skin because of the high Vitamin E and fatty acid content. 

If you struggle with breakouts and still aren't sure about oils, let me boost your confidence and say, they can be your best friend! Ever since I said goodbye to regular moisturizes (even acne-fighting ones) and reached for the natural kind—rich oils like rose hip, jojoba and argan—my skin has never been softer and smoother. And best yet, they keep amy breakouts at bay! 

I would love to hear how oils are working for you! Feel free to leave a comment below or send me a message here

Shea Butter (body) — Shea is for my body what argan is for my face. It is incredible rich and moisturizing and glosses on flawlessly after the shower. Best yet, it lasts all day due to its high concentration of healthy vitamins and fatty acids. It also creates a nice barrier for skin to protect from cooler, more dry weather. Most health foods stores carry unscented versions for more sensitive skin types but you can easily mix in your own essential oils or purchase a kind with a scent. I'm currently loving the subtle hint of passion fruit in mine. Oh, and if you want smooth feet, rub shea all over them at night and put socks on overnight to wake up to silky smooth skin!