Refining honey & clay mask

Say goodbye to winter with this refining mask featuring nourishing ingredients your skin needs for long summer days ahead. Simply whip together all three ingredients below and you have the perfect weekly mask that will get your skin feeling strong and squeaky clean in no time, without over drying it. Knowing warm, more sweaty-prone days are ahead, this is my mask of choice to maintain a healthy base for my summer beauty routine: light makeup and sunscreen. 

Play around with amounts to find the right texture for your face and feel free to add a bit of water to the mixture. You can leave this mask on your skin for anywhere between 10-30 minutes. It's always good to test the mixture on part of your skin to ensure you don't have a reaction.

Also, avoid applying the mixture on your eyebrows or too close to your eyes. 

Greek Yogurt (1/3 Cup)

Because it contains lactic acid, the yogurt acts as a gentle exfoliant by dissolving dead skin cells while tightening skin and pores. 

Manuka honey (2 teaspoons)

Reduces inflammation and congestion while moisturizing the skin. Aside from using it in this mask, you can also mix a tiny bit of honey in your regular cleanser to reap the benefits every day. 

Bentonite clay (2 Tablespoons)

Composed of ash from volcanos, this clay offers detoxifying properties for the skin by binding to toxins and bacteria to remove them from your pores.