Cleansing with honey: what happened after 1 week

I've been cleansing with one ingredient all week long — honey.  

Parting ways with my favorite cleanser to put honey on my face every morning and night seemed risky but I've heard such great things from my now European-based friend who's been touting the benefits for years—anti-bacterial, reduces inflammation, gentle exfoliator, natural, raw—I simply had to give it a try myself! 

It actually makes a lot of sense since honey (and New Zealand Manuka honey, in particular) has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries—from healing sore throats to digestive issues. It also has a much more intense nutritional profile than regular honey due to its enzyme rich properties, making it ideal for skin. Like all products though, quality counts. Be sure to purchase a high-grade, well-sourced Manuka honey from your local co-op, health foods store or online. 

After committing to the swap for an entire week, I've been so pleased with the silky smooth, dewy finish. Every morning and night, I simply put 1t in my palm and mix with a little warm water, a dash of cinnamon and gently massage the mixture all over my face. I typically leave it on like a mask for 5-10 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry. Another perk is that I have to apply less oil to my skin after cleansing because the honey locks in moisture, deeply nourishing skin. 

If you've been experiencing dry, lack-luster skin lately, this might be a great swap for you too! It gets skin right back on track by locking in moisture so you can glow all day long.