Finding Balance this fall

"fall is more of the new year to me than january".

Sound familiar? These are the awakening words of Chelsea, one of our fall cover girls. 

I couldn't agree more. Fall is certainly a perfect time to check-in with yourself and find some balance. The forthcoming weather and holidays can bring on additional pressures & stress: financially, physically & emotionally. It's the season of indulgence: sweets, snow & lots of family time - leaving you wanting to hunker down in your pjs with your favorite Netlix series right after work. So, you have a choice. Give in and slide through the year and face those daunting New Year's Resolutions OR set yourself up for success TODAY. Trust me, you'll be happy you started now and didn't wait come January 1, 2015. 

You don't have to set crazy, massive goals. In fact, you're more likely to reach series of smaller goals) Instead, try to find some balance, a groove, maybe a maintenance mode resulting from all the hard work you put into your fitness or career over the summer. Don't let it go to waste. Finish off the year strong!

There's the saying, "The homestretch is always the hardest". All you need is a little motivation. So here are some ideas to get you inspired :)

1. Self-Care

As the lovely Ms. Hepburn said, "We have two hands. One for helping ourselves, one for helping others." Self-care is not selfish, it's selfless. If we don't take care of ourselves, we limit ourselves from caring for others: family, friends, pets, our jobs, you name it. So make a date day, night or hour with yourself this fall; time dedicated to you. Take a bath, tackle a weighty book, finish your home DIY project, prep your meals for the week or brew up some good-for-you detoxifying tea (recipe below) . Cooking in particular is a great way to make something you can feel good about & enjoy all week long. 

2. Reignite a Passion

Reconnect with an old flame. No, not an ex. Something that moves YOU. Maybe it's getting back into your yoga practice, photography, tackling all the recipes in a cookbook (cue Julia & Julia), or take up a pottery, art or dance class. With all the business fall asks of you, reconnecting with something you truly enjoy will keep you happy so you can enjoy yourself & others more this fall. Check out Groupon or Amazon Local for deals or get a friend involved so you can stay accountable to your commitment. 

3. Get Outside

Yes, it's getting cold. But fresh air works wonders. It's an instant mood booster! Next time you go for a run, walk or hike, try leaving the tunes off. Put your phone in your pocket (for safety) but try to forget it's there. Soak in the sounds, smells and colors of nature transforming from one season to the next. Whether it's a 15 minute walk to grab coffee in the morning, a run after work or weekend hike or bike ride, spend some time with nature. Being outside is a great solo activity or perfect for grabbing a friend or the entire your family (and don't forget the pooch!) 

A few local gems to check out:

Did you know?  You can get a year-round parking pass for all 75 MN state parks for only $25. Yeah, I know, pretty awesome. 

4. Look Forward

Make a plan and get it on the schedule. It doesn't have to be a 10-day tropical getaway. [But it could be if you're getting married and that's your honeymoon plans ;)] Anticipation of a trip is shown to boost your mood. In fact, one study suggests that people may get more out of several small trips a year than one big vacation. So stock up and don't underestimate the power of some 'mini' getaways to get you through the winter months. A trip can also be seen as a goal to you stay on track with your current routine and goals. It could be as simple as a cabin weekend, night at a nearby bed & breakfast, or a road-trip to a surrounding city or neighboring state you've been wanting to explore. Or maybe it is time to pull the trigger and recruit your friends for that big girls trip you've been talking about. Chances are, you've been working hard and deserve it. And 'someday' often equals never. You know yourself best so pick something that's feasible and  works with the realities of your schedule and budget so you can fully enjoy the experience! 

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