Low Sugar Snacks for the Office

From savory to sweet, I'm sharing a long list of healthy under 200 calorie snacks (that aren't just veggies & hummus) to power you through your afternoon until dinner. 


  • Brown rice cake topped with 1/3 mashed avocado, a slice of smoked salmon, dijon mustard and fresh dill
  • Tomato slices and basil drizzled with balsamic vinegar, 1T olive oil, salt and pepper (optional: fresh goat's cheese)
  • 1/2 avocado drizzled with balsamic vinegar and sea salt
  • 2 cooked but refrigerated scrambled eggs with salt and pepper — if you haven't tried this, it's better than it sounds! Make them the night before and when you're ready to eat them the next day, simply top with a little salt and pepper and hot sauce or dijon mustard 
  • Hard boiled egg, chopped and mixed with dijon mustard or hot sauce, salt & pepper
  • Small handful (1/4 C) of raw, sprouted nuts - they have the best flavor! Almonds and pumpkin seeds are my favorites.  
  • Carrots dipped in dijon mustard (note: dijon pairs nicely with lots of veggies and is a great low calorie swap for hummus)


  • 1 date with 1T nut butter and cinnamon (make a batch ahead on a  Sunday night so you can place one in a baggie or jar or better yet store several in a jar in your office fridge so you have them on hand all week long)
  • 1/2 banana and 1T nut butter wrapped in a Swiss Chard leaf for a healthy afternoon "sushi" roll
  • 1 packet of Justin's almond of peanut butter — simple and delicious for on-the-go! Store a few at your desk, in your car or purse so you always have one on hand. 
  • 1 piece of low-fructose fruit like a pear or apple with 1T nut butter or 1 cup of berries mashed with 1T nut butter & sprinkled with cinnamon and a dash of almond or coconut milk
  • You can also whip together a refreshing tonic! Because sometime's we just crave something to nourish our minds and bodies when we're not really "hungry". I like tonics because they last longer than a single bite of something too and leave you feeling energized to buzz through the afternoon. Plus, they are loaded with health benefits. 
  • If you had a light lunch and a more intense workout planned for your evening, your body maybe need something heartier like a protein bar. Check out my top 5 store-bought ones here. 

What are your favorite healthy afternoon snacks? Let me know in comments below and I'll add your ideas to the list here! xo