10 New Ways To Top Your Oatmeal

Because we all need a little inspiration to switch things up in the morning! For these combinations, I prepare 1/3-1/2 C of oatmeal in water as my base, unless otherwise noted.

#1: Banana bread — This is my go-to...Instead of regular oatmeal, I cook 1/2 of or 1 small banana in Qia's creamy coconut gluten-free oatmeal (with water in the microwave) then add almond butter and cinnamon. It's so warming & cozy on winter mornings. 

#2: Peanut butter and egg — A weekend favorite! Simply mix 1-2T peanut butter into your cooked oatmeal and top with a fried egg. This protein-packed combination is the perfect salty/sweet way to start the day! It makes a delicious dinner too. 

#2: PB&J (peanut butter, sliced bananas, date jam) — Cooking a mixture of dates and strawberries over the stove makes the most amazing healthy jam. (It takes 20-30 minutes for the mixture to cook down to a jam-like texture, but so worth the time!) And it makes the perfect addition to this oatmeal bowl, especially when paired with fresh slices of banana. You could cook the banana first in the oatmeal too for an even creamier texture. And I always sprinkle cinnamon on top too! Cinnamon has great health benefits: it fires up your metabolism and helps your body maintain a healthy blood sugar level. 

#3: Chocolate dream — Coconut oil, peanut butter, cacao powder or melted dark chocolate, sea salt — Who wouldn't want to wake up to this?!

#4: Chopped figs (dried or fresh), pistachios, almond butter — A fun way to mix up your fruit & nut combo. 

#5: Cooked pears, coconut oil, chopped walnuts, cinnamon — Cooking down the pears over the stove first in a little coconut oil or coconut milk turns pears into the most delicious topping! 

#6: Peaches & Cream — Cooked peaches, fresh strawberries, coconut milk, sea salt — Basically dessert for breakfast :-)

#7: Blueberries, almond butter and lemon zest — A summer fav! 

#8: Mango, pineapple, coconut flakes, sunflower butter — Vacation in a bowl

#9: Coconut oil and sea salt — So basic, but so delicious especially if you have a sensitive stomach or after a night of too much drinking.

#10: And last but not least, a savory combo...avocado, balsamic vinegar, lemon zest, sea salt — like #2, it makes a great dinner or lunch too! 

A few other tasty tips...

Cooked fruit — I mention it in a few of the pairings above. Cooking banana in my oatmeal before I add toppings is definitely my favorite but I realize mornings are busy for cooking other fruits so I often cook them (pears, date jam, etc.) on a Sunday for the week ahead or night before to save on time. I think it's worth the little bit of extra effort for the rich flavor that makes oatmeal anything but boring. 

Brown rice syrup — This is my sweetener of choice because the body processes it as glucose not fructose so you don't get a spike in your blood sugar. You can add 1t of brown rice syrup to almost any of the combinations above for a healthy dose of sweet! 

Coconut oil  — 1-2t of coconut oil is also a great alternative to dairy add-ins. It gives your oatmeal the creamiest texture and pairs well with almost any fruit or nut combination. 

Coconut milk — A great option for cooking your oatmeal in, especially on the stove. Otherwise, I prepare my oatmeal with water. When I have more time on the weekends, I love this method especially if I'm having a friend over for brunch! 

Almond or Vanilla Extract — Another great way to add flavor to oatmeal without added calories or sugar!