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"Fall is more of the new year to me than January." 

This attitude is just one of a thousand reasons to love Chelsea (Sea), my dear friend who I met in college but grew close to over the course of dozens of Starbucks runs while working at Target Corp. the same year. She's a Minnesota native with a whimsical yet grounded take on life who satiated her sense of wonder by an act of bravery many only talk about - moving to New York City - reminding us anytime (not just the New Year) is the perfect time to follow your passion + unlock your potential. Over lattes at a mutual Grand Ave coffee shop gem last fall, Sea opened up about her favorite things about Minneapolis, why New York excites her and why she was  ready to make a leap. Below we share with you some highlights from our conversation and look forward to Chapter 2 coming soon now that Chelsea has been in the Big Apple for almost a year!

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"MOVEON.ORG" : This is my actually my dad's coined phrase. It essentially captures how easy it is for people to get caught up in shit, fixated on a problem, a person, a moment. But it's so important to move forward, without hesitation. The most successful people don’t let stuff trip them up and do not hold grudges.
Revel in your loneliness: One of my dear friends said this to me once. As a single, twentysomething, it's quite often I feel lonely. But, why is that bad? Spend time with loneliness. Become friends with it. Then you won’t fear it or not know how to handle solitude. It's quite easy to focus our energy seeking out only positive emotions like happiness, but I feel it’s equally important to embrace the difficult ones too. 


"Now or Never"
I've heard "if you don't do it now, you never will." F*ck that… I'll make decisions or change things when I want to. People should be free to do things according to their own timeline.


It's actually quite silly. The reason is two-fold. 1. It started as a fleeting moment of name madness because there is literally one other "ChelseaVotel" in existence and people kept mistaking her social channels for mine because we’re both blonde. So I made a bold move and cut my name in half. Which brings me to the second reason. 2. I like to rebrand & take on new shapes as I continue to evolve as a person. Many people call me ‘C’, but I played with it and used ‘Sea’ instead, since it’s the latter part of my name.


Music - Minneapolis has a rad music scene. We have a deeply passionate music culture - people who are in it, are in it. We have select, cool venues like First Ave, The Turf - not a million which helps to filter all the bullshit and get mostly delicious bands/artists. I could do without the country scene here, however.
Food  - The food scene is wild! New, hip eateries are opening more and more which is a total breath of fresh air. And renowned chefs from New York are choosing Minneapolis to open restaurants. I like seeing this momentum behind food + wine build here. I see it happening right in my hood in the North Loop. [it’s] a bit of a food revolution I think. 
People -  I don’t believe in Minnesota nice. I think it’s kinda bullshit. BUT there is absolutely a wholesome, deep-rooted goodness to people here that is distinct and hard to find.
+ we have the most beautiful fall, albeit short!


iS CLINICAL honestly changed my life and skin. Oh, and getting microdermabrasions on the regular. Skin Rejuvenation Clinic in Edina - the treatments there are really progressive + they stay on top of the latest and greatest treatments out there. But my all-time favorite tried-and-true beauty trick… less is more!


(laughs) Umm, let's see here. Love you Dad!


Style - I am oh-so-inspired by style in all forms. My eyes dance when I see a perfectly pieced outfit or a beautifully decorated home. I like people who create and surround themselves with their version of beauty, their curated style.
Instagram – I literally could scroll through my feed for two hours plus, which I know is so CLASSIC MILLENIAL. But honestly. Instagram feeds me. It provides knowledge, creativity, passion and awareness that I can’t stay away from. I’ve always been a super visual person, so it’s no wonder I’m 100% addicted.
Yoga – Breath is so powerful. Yoga has helped me strike a balance of being in the now while still progressing forward in life and moving towards inner peace and happiness. It’s given me greater self-awareness and acceptance, and I am forever grateful for this.
Conversation – I’m a born-communicator. I love a good chat – people who know me, know this. Conversations challenge me, they motivate me, they remind me who I am/why I am here.



The prospect of opening my arms and creating and cultivating both personal and professional relationships with nomads from all over the world - in arguably the greatest city in the world… sounds quite fabulous to me, don’t you agree?  


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